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Respect your environment


An eco-friendly grocery bag is one small step you can take to help make our planet a cleaner, healthier place to live!

Not to mention the great feeling you get when you leave the grocery store without a dozen plastic bags - especially here in Dominica where bags are not yet recycled.

“I love my bag! I use it every time I shop. It holds more groceries than individual plastic bags and it's MUCH more comfortable - the long straps slip easily over my shoulder.”

“The bags are so lightweight it's easy to grab them as I get out of the car and run into the supermarket.”
“We love our green bags - they hold lots of groceries and are very sturdy. Thanks for helping us go green.”

Gren Bag - Dominica

Bag Dimensions

Height 13.5" X Width 12.5" x Depth 8.5"
Height 340mm X Width 320mm x Depth 220mm

bag description

Non-woven polypropylene, made from recycled products.


e-mail: info@greendominica.org

tel: 1. 767.449.9632

regular mail:

Green Dominica
Po Box 356
Commonwealth of Dominica

Why Green Shopping Bags?

  • Green Bags are 100% recyclable and totally re-usable.
  • Green Bags have a packing and carrying capacity of 3 to 4 plastic bags. This eliminates thousands of harmful plastic bags over its life span.
  • The Green Bag is water repellent and avoids bacteria and foul odours. And it's washable!
  • The materials are also non-toxic, non- corrosive,and non-allergenic.
  • The Green Bag is lightweight and easy to carry!
  • The extra-long, sturdy straps make carrying the Green Bag very comfortable.
  • The stabilizing base adds strength and stability for easy packing and unpacking. The lightweight base folds flat during storage.

Order your bag

    It makes a great gift for your environmentally- conscious friends.

    Collect them! Many people have grocery bag collections from their favourite places around the world.

    Show you care about Dominica and help reduce plastic waste, both at home and abroad.

    Green Grocery Tote Bag:

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    .Green Bag Dominica


    Price: US $6.00
    (includes shipping & handling to USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe)

    Buy one for a Friend and SAVE! Purchase 2 Dominica Green Bags for US $10.00 (including shipping as above).



    Green Bags are now available in Roseau!

    On-Island Price is EC $5.00

    For local purchases e-mail us at info@greendominica.org to arrange purchase & pick-up.