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Wotton Waven Attractions Type: Scenic/Viewpoints Map Ref: RV
Wotton Waven, Dominica

Photo of Wotton Waven
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Photo of Wotton Waven

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This village at the end of the Roseau Valley is a scenic area with several fascinating features - bubbling pots of hot water, fumarloes, rivers, hiking and even a waterfall. There are several places to stay and spending some time here is highly recommended!

The name is sometimes incorrectly spelled as Wotten Waven.   

Hike-ability Factor: Medium difficulty (What's This?)

Kid-friendly! This activity has been kid-tested.

Estimated Hike Time (Hrs.): 1.0

Elevation: 700 ft.

GPS: 15.319701,-61.338987

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