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Layou River, Layou, Dominica

Photo of Titiwi Festival
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Photo of Titiwi Festival
Photo of Titiwi Festival

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Layou's annual Titiwi Festival celebrates the small fish known as the "titiwi." The people of Layou have been eating titiwi since time immemorable and it has become part of their heritage. They have built a unique local cuisine around this small fish and the Titiwi Festival gives everyone else a chance to taste it!

The village of Layou is on Dominica's west coast, just 20 minutes north of the capital, Roseau. It is located at the mouth of Dominica's longest river (the Layou River) and is thus well-positioned for the natural phenomenon that brings thousands of small fish (titiwi) right to its banks each month.

The Titiwi Festival began in 2007 and has been growing bigger and better each year.

Fun activities included zip-lining across the Layou River, ATV rides, boat rides, beach football, sack races, and more.

There is plenty of food and drink available, as well as music and an art & crafts exhibition.

All this where the bank of the Layou River meets the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

2017 Titiwi Festival: September 22nd to 24th.

See the Layou Community Tourism website for more information.


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GPS: 15.395825,-61.425118

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