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Rodney's Rock Attractions Type: Dive Sites Map Ref: W2
Mero, Dominica

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Rodney¬ís Rock is a shallow (maximum 50 feet) dive offering one of the best critter dives. A huge variety of marine life can be found at this site, which offers mini caves and overhangs for spiny and slipper lobster, crabs and morays. The vertical faces of the shoreline and large rocks just offshore, covered with huge barrel sponges, gorgonians and hydroids make for a spectacular seascape. Sandy patches with sea grass harbour red heart urchins, sea cucumbers, stingrays, spotted snake eel and a very rare and elusive batfish. The walls of Rodney's Rock are carpeted with corals and sponges providing homes to octopus, frogfish, seahorses and numerous grunts and snapper. This site is a favourite for night dives when squid, lobsters and crabs are out in full view.   

Diving Difficulty Factor: A piece of cake! (What's This?)

GPS: 15.380288,-61.411686

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