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Fusion Village Restaurant & Bar Dining Map Ref: RO
42 Old Street, Roseau, Dominica
  Tel: 767 440 9595

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Presented with a difference, unique in design, food and beverage offerings, Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar can be described as the perfect getaway in the city of Roseau. It features a traditional, quaint wooden cottage which stocks various European and New World wines, liquors, beverages and spirits, as well as an adjoining wooden gazebo under which guests are served enticing cuisine.

Fusion Village Restaurant serves a distinctive selection of Italian, Mediterranean and Eastern European menus, and pleasant delights such as Fusion Burger Calzone which may be made out of either premium Angus Beef, sweet and sour pork or fish; a selection of authentic Spaghetti alla Carbonara recipes, and oven-baked Italian pizzas presented with a variety of goat cheese and spinach, prosciutto, sweet peppers, corn and mushroom toppings.

A special highlight of Fusions restaurant is its focus on vegan and vegetarian oriented recipe alternatives, organic coffee and teas, as well as refreshing juices prepared upon request, from freshly juiced fruits, without any sugar or water added.

Fusion Village Bars Creole architecture is fashionably designed with modern appeal. There, deliciously mixed drinks and cocktails are created by experienced bartenders who guarantee the right taste every time. An array of the finest champagnes and European and New World wines are also served from contemporary temperature-control wine chillers.

With excellent location in the center of the capital, Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar emerges as a great choice for:

  • A relaxing getaway while in the city
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Natural foods, juices and teas
  • Friendly, professional service
  • Business meetings, quiet discussions, romantic dates and special events
  • Fabulous ambiance

Hosting services are available to families and groups for dinners and celebrating special events. Appointments can be made online or by phone. Walk-in appointments are ideal for anyone who wishes to have a first-hand view of the amenities and options available for planning a memorable event.

Throughout the year, Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar hosts fun, exciting special events and promotions. Updates on past and upcoming events and promotions are posted on Fusion Villages website and Facebook Page. Since opening in June 2014, Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar successfully hosted various events at which guests were treated to delicious tapas for free! Throughout the day, patrons enjoy cordial service and are entertained by the soothing melodies of smooth jazz.

Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar is perfect for great ambiance, tasty food and fine wines, whether visiting the Nature Island, doing business or sharing special and romantic moments.


Opening Hours: 10:00 am - Midnight, Sunday 5pm to 12 am; Monday 10am to 5pm

GPS: 15.298546, -61.388153

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