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Glassy Trail & Glassy Pool Attractions Type: Mountains/Trails Map Ref: SE
Boetica, Dominica

Photo of Glassy Trail & Glassy Pool
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Photo of Glassy Trail & Glassy Pool
This trail goes down from the East-coast village of Boetica to the shore, with some excellent view points on the way. It's an easy 1.5 mile, 60 minute round trip.

At the base of the rocky outcropping, there are several 'pools' that fill with sea water as the waves splash over the rocks. This is known as Glassy Pool and on a calm day, it is good for swimming. But don't turn your back to the sea, the waves can be very strong and may surprise you.   

Hike-ability Factor: Medium difficulty (What's This?)

Kid-friendly! This activity has been kid-tested.

Estimated Hike Time (Hrs.): 1.0

Elevation: From 529ft to sea level

GPS: 15.304924,-61.24732

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